Steam Era Images

Black and White STEAM LOCOMOTIVE PHOTOGRAPHS: The Great Iron horse was photographed by both my Dad and my Uncle during the 1930's. Back then they were everywhere through every city and town and crossing all over our land. Few remain today primarily running on tourist railroads but nothing like the more than 50,000 that once served our needs in the 1930's.

This Gallery contains photographs of some of the famous name trains that ran in the northeast. Included are be The Royal Blue, The Crusader and The Blue Comet. There are also engines from yesteryear like the C.P. Huntington. J.W. Boker, and others. Perhaps not considered Fine Art images by some, these photographs nonetheless capture the majestic steam engines that ruled the rails more than 80 years ago. This was the one machine that truly made us the United States of America in 1869. Also included are other rail images relative to the era.

All images are darkroom printed as 11x14's and presented in a 16x20 acid free Crescent mat

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