Black and White TREE AND LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHS: In God’s majesty, He’s created a world of wonder all around us. Mountains, valleys, lakes, farm land, trees, brooks, rivers, and the list for landscapes goes on and on. Depending on your location, you can see the change of each season and find something personally appealing in all of them.

Trees viewed early spring or late fall have always been a source of wonder for this photographer. The lack of leaves reveals the true inner workings of each tree. Here one can the view symmetry of the branches growing from the trunk yet on other trees, the symmetry is not so obvious. What also works great is that when the leaves return, new photographs can be created using Infrared Film for special surreal effects in Black & White Photography. This Gallery contains a number of tree images as does the Infrared Gallery.

All images are darkroom printed as 1x14's and presented in a 16x20 acid free Crescent mat

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