Hot Rods

B&W HOT ROD PHOTOS: I remember as a kid seeing the new 1957 Caddy Eldorado. It took my breath away. To me, how could a car look that good? Well, many other models for that year were just as dynamic. Trouble was I couldn’t buy any of them. Neither could my friends. However, the hot rod culture existed long before the Eldorado which never really became a hot rod to my knowledge. Perhaps the most iconic is the “Lead Sled”, the 1949-51 Mercury. So we all kept dreaming. Though the fine lines of many hot rods appeal to many devotees, my interest from a fine art point of view is in hood ornaments. Some grotesque, some bland, others quite artistic, and some just run of the mill. No two brands had the same ornament. Captured as a piece of art on film, all of them yield an interesting image on their own. Enjoy your visit to yesteryear!

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