1939 World's Fair

B&W "NITE SITES" - 1939 NEW YORK WORLD'S FAIR NIGHT PHOTOGRAPHS: 1939 had many interesting events over its 12 month's time but the most dynamic was the Fair. My Dad volunteered for the 2 year span and was given access to many of the pavilions after most people had gone home. Unfortunately, all the pavilions were demolished except one. The "Nite Sites" you see in this Gallery were photographed, ironically, on September 11, 1940. Due to WW2 restrictions on photo materials, the negatives were never printed until 55 years later when I printed the first set.

A number of these photographs are now part of the permanent collection of the Queens Museum of New York City, the only surviving structure from the Art Deco event of the 20th century.

All images are printed 11 x 14 and presented in an acid free 16 x 20 Crescent mat

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