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Silver Gelatin B&W Photographs from Film

We are a Fine Art Photographic studio specializing in the following:

• Unique matted 11 x 14 prints
• Hand colored greeting cards
• Custom enlargements by request
• License agreements: one licensee is COSMOS

OUR VISION: to enhance our customer's decor with the finest Black & White photographs.

OUR PASSION: to provide the finest images worthy of those who choose to invest in them.

OUR GUARANTEE: 100% satisfaction which eliminates any objection to your investment.

You may be aware that The Art of Black & White film photography today continues in much the same manner as it did when created more than 150 years ago. My Grandfather, my Dad, and my Uncle were very active during the 1930’s and 1940’s. All that they had to work with then was not far removed from those who preceded them. Back then, all photography work was based on the use of film and all the practices involved with it. The industry was “built” around Black & White photography since color film had just started to emerge as an alternative.

Certainly the film, chemicals, paper, cameras and the darkroom equipment have been vastly improved since the early 1800’s but the process itself has pretty much remained the same.

Film is inserted into a camera, exposed on a subject of some kind and then removed. In the complete darkness of a darkroom, the film is processed into negatives. Any additional light in the darkroom would add more exposure to the film. This would damage the exposure of the original subjects photographed. The negatives are then used to produce the “positive” which is the actual Black & White photograph.

The process involves immersing the photo paper in a developer solution which begins to show the “positive”. Then at the right time, the photographer removes the paper and puts it into a “stop” solution. This does as its name implies and stops the developer from further darkening the photo. Next is a fixer solution which locks and finalizes the entire process and makes the photograph available to view under any light.

The final step is to properly treat and wash the photograph so that there are no damaging chemicals remaining in/on the image. This, very briefly, is how we produce your Fine Art Black and White Photograph so that you may enjoy your investment for years to come.

Each Fine Art Print is produced using the highest quality materials available today. As a darkroom photographer, I prefer to use Ilford film, chemicals, and paper which enhance my printmaking process. Crescent acid free mats, used in both the 11 x 14 and 8 x 10 sizes, complete the entire Fine Art presentation. This combination assures you years of lasting enjoyment. All of these products are readily available and consistent in their quality, a very important aspect to our production demands.

Your Fine Art Print uses our unique black background mounting for the 11x14 prints (see "B&W Mat Samples" above). The image is then surrounded by a hand drawn India ink accent line. This line lends to the illusion of your print suspended within the presentation. Your print arrives ready to frame. We suggest that you might use black metal frames such as Nielsen Profile 5 or 15. Retail stores like Hobby Lobby and Michael's should have this type of molding readily available. Black wooden frames, of course, might be more attractive to you based on your personal decor.

Your Fine Art Print will enhance any area where you choose to display it. It will add culture and depth to the entire space. Your print is large enough to attract interest yet just the right size to grace any wall either in your home or in your office.

Your investment in a Webbers Fine Art B&W Photo includes:

• Prints and/or Cards shipped within 10 business days of confirmed payment.
• Prints and/or Cards that will NOT be produced with any watermarks.
• 100% Guarantee - if you're not completely satisfied, your money is promptly returned! Please contact us first to receive a return shipment order number.
• Custom orders that are done upon request.
• 8 x 10 prints that are mounted in acid free mats but cut to a standard size opening.

Needless to say, our B&W Hand Colored Greeting Cards are appropriate for any of your special notes or occasions.

Photography Exhibits/Shows:

  • ASMP Nabisco Gallery - East Hanover, NJ
  • Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal - Jersey City, NJ
  • Hoboken Art Festival - Hoboken, NJ
  • Country Chic Boutique - Frenchtown, NJ
  • Salvage Goods Antique Store - Easton, PA

The passion of hand-crafting photographs is what continues to draw me to the darkroom. My wife, Marie, is my best friend, partner and my strength in all aspects of our business. I believe it's my purpose as an artist to produce for you the finest quality B&W Silver Gelatin Photographs available. These, in turn, suit the needs of a wide range of our clients who choose them to enhance the various spaces within their interior decors.

We have a number of unique photographs, one of which is yours. Your keen insights might just seek an aesthetic addition to your own decor. We trust one of our "Images of Interest"© will be the unique choice for you!

An investment in your decor can last a lifetime. Choose yours today.

"A life without passion is just the passing of time."
Hank Webber
"Success is just one more failure that did not succeed"
Hank Webber

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